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The Winchester part may be made again check back in late June.

#SPG-0100 Shotgun Buttstock with Pistol Grip $36.75

#SFP-0300 Shotgun Forend with Pistol Grip $19.50

#SFS-0400 Shotgun Forend/Standard $16.95

#SRG-0200 Shotgun Rear Pistol Grip $16.95

#TFS-0600 Shotgun Top Folding Stock $60.95

#SHO-0500 Shotshell Holder $10.95

#SHS-1300 Heatshield $15.95

#STM-1200 Flashlight Mount $8.35TOP

#SMC-1100 Barrel Mag Clamp with Sling Swivel Stud $7.50

#SMR-0700 7-Shot Mag Extension for Remington $19.95

#SMR-0800 8-Shot Mag Extension for Remington $19.95

Interchangeable parts fit all or some of these guns:

Buttstock with Pistol Grip This full length buttstock features a slim, ergonomically designed pistol grip for maximum control and a recoil pad. Uses factory stock bolt.
Pebble-grain grip area for better control. Made of black, glass-filled nylon it is virtually indestructible. Fits Mossburg 500- Remington 870- Winchester 1200-/1300- Maverick 88 Norinko Pump (not auto) #SPG-0100 $36.75

Barrel Mag Clamp Strengthens connection of the mag extension to barrel. Includes sling swivel stud which is reversible for right or left-handed shooters. May also be used to mount 1 inch diameter flashlights or lasers to barrel. Injection molded from indestructible, black, glass-filled nylon. Patent Pending. Fits Mossburg 500- Remington 870/1100/11-87- Winchester 1200/1300 #SMC-1100 $7.50

Forend Pistol Grip Ergonomically designed with a double-finger, pebble-grain grip for maximum control and comfort. (Will NOT fit Maverick.) Forend wrench and instructions included for easy removal and installation. Patent Pending. Complete set of adapters and spacers allow installation on: Mossberg 500/590- Remington 870- Winchester 1200/1300. #SFP-0300 $19.50

Standard Forend No jamming! Designed NOT to overlap the shotgun’s receiver when cycling the pump action. Eliminates the chance of a momentary jam by a sling, clothing or other material catching between the standard forend and the receiver. Features recessed, pebble-grain, textured area which reduces the chance of hand sliding from grip. (Will NOT fit Maverick.) Made of black, glass-filled nylon-- virtually indestructible. Patent Pending.
#SFS-0400 $16.95

Magazine Extensions 7 and 8 shot Increases magazine capacity to 7 or 8 rounds. Made of virtually indestructible, glass-filled nylon injection molded over a steel connecting nut. Will not rust or dent. Each extension includes a new spring and instructions. Must not extend past the end of the barrel. Fits Remington and Winchester 12 gauge. Patent Pending. #SMR-0700, #SMR-0800 Fits: Remington 870. SMW-0900, #SMW-1000 Fits: Winchester 1200/1300 18.5 inch barrel length use 7-shot. 20 inch barrel length use 8-shot. #SMR-0700 (Rem 7rd) SMW-0800 (Win 7th). SMR-0900 (Rem 8rd). #SMW-1000 (Win 8th). $19.95

Flashlight Mount - Fits: Mossberg 500/590- Remington 870- Winchester 1200/1300- Maverick 88- Norinco 98 Series. #STM-1200 $8.35

Rear Pistol Grip Designed with an ergonomic, textured grip for maximum control and comfort. Features include an integral top mounted sling loop and slimmer style. Adapters and hardware included for installation on a 12 gauge. Mossburg 500- Remington 870- Maverick 88- Winchester 1200/1300. #SRG-0200 $16.95
Complete set of adapters and spacers allow installation on: Mossberg 500/590 Remington 870 Winchester 1200/1300 Norinco 98 Series

Top Folding Stock The ultimate compact, tough design. Shotgun functions in open or closed position. Includes rear pistol grip. Quick release button allows buttstock to fold/unfold instantly. Sling swivel stud included. Reversible for right or left handed shooters. Includes adapters and mounting hardware to fit 12 gauge- Mossburg 500- Remington 870- Winchester 1200/1300- Maverick 88. #TFS-0600 $60.95

Shotshell Holder Durable, elastomeric polymer 5 shell carrier mounts securely with screws on either side of any full length wood or polymer stock. Quick and easy access to extra rounds. Fits all 12 gauge shotguns. #SHO-0500 $10.95

Heat Shield Made from formed steel. Elongated cooling slots allow maximum, quick dissipation of heat for ultimate protection against burns. Easily adapts to most 12 gauge shotguns. Black oxide finish matches shotgun components. Simply slide over barrel and secure with supplied hardware. #SHS-1300 $15.95


Picture of SPG-0100 Shotgun Buttstock/Pistol Grip Picture of Shotgun Forend/Standard

Picture of Shotgun Foreend Pistol Grip SFP-0300 TopAdapters and Spacers Picture of the rear Pistol Grip SRG-0200Picture of Top Folding Stock Picture of the  Shotshell HolderTopPicture of Heat Shield Picture of Flashlight mount Picture of Barrel Mag Mount Picture of magazine extensionTop

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